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A float valve is a device which can be used to control the level of a fluid in a tank by opening and closing a valve in response to changes in the fluid level. The basic float valve includes a balloon float, an air-filled float which is sealed so that water cannot enter, attached to an arm. When the water level is low, the float hangs, keeping the valve open. As the water level rises, the float starts to float on the surface as a result of buoyancy, causing the arm to move, and eventually pulling the valve closed so that water will stop flowing. This process is entirely mechanical, requiring no human input.

Please find the details of our Float Valves range including Plastic, Brass and Copper floats in the list below. If you are unable to find the item you are looking for please contact us and we will strive to meet your requirements. Specials are available upon request. If you require any advice or information our team of friendly, expert advisors are happy to help - why not contact us with your enquiry?

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  • Part 1 HP Portsmouth Pattern Float Valve Info >


Part 1 HP Portsmouth Pattern Float Valve

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  • Part 2 Diaphragm Pattern Float Valves Info >


Part 2 Diaphragm Pattern Float Valves

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  • Equilibrium Pattern Float Valve Info >


Equilibrium Pattern Float Valve

Product Info >


Copper Floats

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Plastic Floats

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09/0335 & 09/0336

Brass Drop Rod Arms

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